Enrollment Related Services Mission Statement

Enrollment Related Services (ERS) mission is to provide quality enrollment-related services and support to the University community and to support the development and successful implementation of the University’s strategic enrollment management plan. We do so through the following offices:


University Admissions

This office serves prospective undergraduate and graduate students and their families, processes applications for admission from freshmen, transfer, graduate and international students, evaluates transfer credit, and determines residency for fee purposes.

Office of the Registrar

The Office of the Registrar provides services to faculty and students from the time a student is admitted through "graduation and beyond." The office maintains and publishes the campus schedule of course offerings each term, manages the registration and enrollment processes each semester, and coordinates the publication of the online CSU Schedule Bulletin. Registrar staff assists with all of the changes that occur during a student's career including but not limited to changes of residency for fee-paying, school/major, names, addresses, updates to enrollment status, and reinstatement of enrollment at the institution.

Student Financial Aid

This office administers federal aid state financial aid programs and the University’s scholarship program.

The departments work strategically and share resources to meet Enrollment Related Services’ overall goals. ERS is an active participant in incorporating the vision and core values of Enrollment Management and the University which “fosters the intellectual development and success of its student population through a rigorous, positive, and transformative educational experience.”


  1. Partner with the University community to create strategic initiatives that align to the University’s goals of increasing enrollment, retention, and graduation rates.
  2. Provide exceptional customer service in all Enrollment Related Service departments to internal and external customers.
  3. Elevate the awareness, increase employee participation, and create consistent practice regarding compliance in the Enrollment Related Service departments.
  4. Assess and implement business processes redesign thereby creating efficient and effective systems that better serve the CSU community.
  5. Foster strong leadership skills create bench strength and enhance interoffice communications and teamwork within the Enrollment Related Services departments.