Internship Program


CSU policeThe Purpose of the internship is to give students an opportunity to integrate theory and practice in order to enhance skills, increase insights, and broaden background and perspective. For many students it is the first opportunity they have to experience the real world of criminal justice and social service work first-hand. This internship is open to students completing their Criminal Justice Bachelors Degree. The internship is based upon availability.

Chicago State University Credit Internship Requirements

  • Senior in good standing (90 credit hours or more prior to the start of internship)
  • Satisfactory completion of all prerequisite courses / exams:
  • CJ 1200, CJ 2309, CJ 2316, CJ 4350;
  • All CJ required English Courses
  • Pass English, Mathematics, and Reading Qualifying Exam and required coursed in those areas
  • Minimum GPA of 2.5 in CJ Major
  • Written approval of the department
  • Students will be required to undergo a complete background check.


Once all forms are completed take them to the Chicago State University Police Department which is located in the O&M Physical Plant Building, Room #107 on the southeast side of the campus.

Students will be required to undergo a complete background check

CSU Police DepartmentInterns work in all areas of the Chicago State University Police Department at some period of their internship. The majority of the time will be in the patrol division, or in the investigation division. Interns will be present during all aspects of the patrolman duties. This may be accident investigation, traffic enforcement, criminal investigation, and preventive patrol. Depending on the confidence level “earned” by the intern, the intern may be given actual duties within the division.

The intern will observe the officers on all assignments except some situations where the intern may be placed in jeopardy due to being an unarmed observer. After dangerous situation(s) stabilize the intern will then be introduced into the event. Interns will be required to ride on each of the three shifts to see the difference in duties from shift to shift. The intern will assist the officer(s) in various duties throughout their program here.

Interns may be invited to go along on interviews and assist in many aspects of the investigation division. The duties vary from week to week. At some time during the internship, the intern will be taken to court (traffic & criminal). The intern will also work in the communications division and the parking enforcement division.

Devote 120 hours to this program

24 – Hours 1st Shift / including Telecommunications and Security.

24 – Hours 2nd Shift / including Telecommunications and Security.

24 – Hours 3rd Shift / including Telecommunications and Security.

24 – Hours Investigation Division- including Administration Division.

24 – Hours Parking Department – including Patrol & Parking Booths.