Mission, Vision, and Values of the Division of Student Affairs 

The Chicago State University’s Division of Student Affairs (DOSA) maintains, expands and protects the University’s focus on students. We achieve this by:

  • Embracing every student in an intentional way
  • Engaging the diverse population of the CSU Community through programming, activities and service
  • Educating our students to prepare them as ethical leaders in a global society
  • Enlightening our students by exposing them to intellectual, emotional, physical, spiritual cultural and social awareness
  • Empowering our students to become effective change agents throughout the University and beyond


The mission of the Division of Student Affairs (DOSA) is to embrace, engage, educate, enlighten and empower our students. DOSA collaborates with students, faculty, staff and the community to create a welcoming, supportive and enriching environment to maximize opportunities for student learning and success. Through high quality programs, activities and services, the DOSA staff facilitates student development, celebrates diversity, and promotes civic and global responsibility.