CSU Complaint Procedures

General Student Information

Students should consult the Office of the Dean of Students located in the Cordell Reed Student Union, room 158 for general information regarding student issues, academic concerns, records, and filing complaints. Students may contact: Shelia Collins, Dean of Students, in SUB 158 or by calling (773) 995-4510.  Complaints should be sent in writing to deanofstudents@csu.edu.


Students that believe they have been subject to discrimination or harassment, including sexual harassment, should contact the Equal Employment Opportunity Office located in the Cook Administration Building, room 318. 

To file a complaint/report, contact:

Michelle Hemphill Ozuruigbo

Associate General Counsel & Title IX Coordinator

(773) 995-2462

Grade Issues

Students with concerns regarding faculty, staff, grades and other academic related issues should follow the appropriate department grievance procedure within each College. Typically students will be referred to:

  • Their instructor. If a student is dissatisfied with the results of that discussion, students should then contact:
  • The appropriate department chair. If still dissatisfied, the student would be referred to a Student Relations Committee/College Grievance Committee. Students may wish to contact:
  • Their dean,  and then if necessary, contact the Provost.

Registration Issues

Students with questions or concerns regarding registration should contact: Shawnice Avilez, Office of the Registrar. Cook Administration Building, room 128 773.995-3521

Financial Aid Issues

Students with questions or concerns regarding financial aid should contact: Financial Aid, Cook Administration Building, room 207. Phone: 773.995.3570.

Missing Campus Resident Student

If anyone from the University Community (student, employee or other individual) has reason to believe that a student has been missing for at least 24 hours, that person should immediately notify the Chicago State University Police at (773) 995-2111 or in person at the Physical Plant Building or contact 911.

Disability Issues

Concerns regarding access for individuals with disabilities should be referred to: Dr. Shenay Bridges-Carter, Director of the Counseling Center, Coordinator of Disability Services. Cordell Reed Student Union, room 190, 773.995.2383.

Environmental/Facilities Issues

Environmental or facilities issues, concerns regarding fire safety, or any potentially hazardous situations should be directed to the Physical Plant, 773.995.2140.

Campus Food Services Issues

Questions or concerns regarding the campus food services should be directed to: Monique Horton, Physical Plant Building, 205, 773.995.4424.

Parking and University Police Issues

Questions or concerns related to campus parking should be directed to the University Police Department, 773.995.2111 or Winona Scott, Physical Plant Building, room 110, 773.995.2141.

Judicial Affairs Issues

The Director of Judicial Affairs is responsible for the enforcement of the Student Code of Conduct.  Any student accused of violating the Student Code of Conduct has the right to a hearing before any final determination or sanctions are issued.

Judicial Affairs questions or concerns should be directed to Deidre Cato-Baker, Interim Director of Judicial Affairs Cordell Reed Student Union, room 247, 773.995.3972

Anonymous Reporting

The University recognizes there may be instances when individuals will want to report anonymously regarding activities in violation of university policies, local, state and federal laws. The University has provided a means for anonymous reporting via a 24-Hour Hotline supported by University Police at (773) 821-2882.