Scholarships for Undocumented and

DACA Students

This scholarship database has been created specifically for undocumented students. There are many scholarships you can apply for to alleviate the financial stress. Every scholarship on the list has specific requirements. Some are based on financial need or are merit-based (academic potential or talent in a particular field). Please note, not all scholarships are offered by CSU. If you find a scholarship opportunity you wish to pursue, make sure to follow the instructions of the grantor of that scholarship to ensure the processing of your application. Tips on how to apply to scholarship can be found here.

On-Campus Scholarships
  • Monarch Scholarship (pdf): The CSU DREAMers and Allieswas founded in the Fall 2014 to provide support, guidance, and encouragement to undocumented and DACAmented students at CSU. In efforts to alleviate the financial burden of qualified students, members of this organization established a scholarship fund to award the Monarch Butterfly Scholarship. The DREAMers and Allies lead all fundraising efforts and have awarded a total of $2,000 to four students, thus far.
    • Available January 2017/Deadline March 2017(awarded in the spring semester)
    • Award amount varies from $500-$1,000 (based on funding availability)
  • Jose Carrillo Scholarship (pdf): The Organization of Latin American Students (OLAS) was founded in 1985 to promote Latino cultural awareness throughout the community and increase the Latino population on campus. Members of this organization work together to create a sense of family and provide support to one another. For the past 10+ years, students have continued the legacy in leading all fundraising efforts to award the Jose Carrillo Scholarship; a scholarship in honor of a former member who is no longer with us. Over $5,000 has been awarded!
    • Available January 2017/Deadline April 2017(awarded in the spring semester)
    • Award amount varies from $100-$500 (based on funding availability)
  • LRC Scholarship (pdf) *On hold until further notice*In unison with the Chicago State University (CSU) Latino faculty, staff and the CSU Foundation, the Latino Resource Center established a scholarship fund to assist all Latino students at CSU. Beginning in 2003, we embarked on an ambitious campaign to raise financial resources to support deserving Latino students fulfill their academic potential and complete their college education. Over $165,000 has been awarded!
    • Available January/ Deadline June (awarded in the fall semester)
    • Award amount varies from $300-$2,000 (based on funding availability.
  • CSU Scheinbuks Foundation Scholarship: In 2011 the Scheinbuks Scholars program was established to realize the vision of Dr. Julian Scheinbuks. Dr. Julian Scheinbuks was a tireless advocate for the students of Chicago State University; the Scheinbuks Scholars are funded by the income from an endowment that Dr. Scheinbuks bequeathed to Chicago State University that will award scholarships to meritorious students majoring in the Biological Sciences.
  • Chicago Regional College Program (CRCP) CRCP has a unique partnership between Chicago State University and United Parcel Service (UPS) to earn money to pay for college. Whether you’re taking a few classes or going to graduate school at CSU, CRCP supports your education. Students interested can get employed part-time by UPS, receive tuition, fees, and book benefits, monthly bonuses, and transportation allowance.
  • The University Foundation of Chicago State The University Foundation of Chicago State provides scholarship opportunities for students who demonstrate high potential in academic and community service work. Visit their website for additional information.
Third-Party Scholarships

Third-party scholarships offer a beneficial source of funding to help you cover your educational expenses at CSU. There are many local, regional, and national organizations that provide scholarships and grant dollars to students pursuing higher education. To obtain details about the scholarships, click on the links below to be taken directly to the grantor's website. If you have questions regarding eligibility requirements, please contact the scholarship grantor directly.

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