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Do you need financial assistance? There are many scholarships you can apply for to alleviate the financial burden. Every scholarship on the list has specific requirements. Some are based on financial need or are merit-based (academic potential or talent in a particular field). Please note, not all scholarships are offered by CSU. If you find a scholarship opportunity you wish to pursue, make sure to follow the instructions of the grantor of that scholarship to ensure the processing of your application.


  • Any scholarship opportunity or service that offers to find you scholarship money for a fee should be avoided. For information regarding scams you may come across on the Internet, please visit the U.S. Department of Education website.
  • Apply to as many scholarships you are eligible for.
  • Start searching for scholarships in advance; five or more months before the semester starts.
  • Read the scholarship application carefully and thoroughly. Every application will have specific requirements.
  • Keep track of deadlines. Use a calendar and a checklist to get organized.
  • Save paper or electronic copies of every scholarship application packet you submit. You can always reuse the work you submitted by tailoring it to other scholarship applications.
  • Work on required documents immediately such as, request of official/unofficial transcripts, one or two letters of recommendation, a personal statement, a resume, and proof of financial need.
    • If official transcripts are required, give yourself enough time to put in your request. Remember, there is a process to request official transcripts and a fee. Request your transcripts from the Office of Records and Registration. If unofficial transcripts are required, you can visit the Latino Resource Center for assistance.
    • If letters of recommendation are required, wisely create a list of four people you can ask. Someone that will write very positive things about you. Do not ask a relative for a letter of recommendation. Letters are written by professionals that have worked with you and know about your leadership, work ethic, aspirations, and goals. These can be professionals such as, counselors, advisors, professors, managers, supervisors, coaches, organizations you volunteer for, etc. Request a letter at least one month before the deadline by sending a professional email and personally calling. Your message should be specific and include all the scholarship details. Follow up on your request within 2-3 weeks. Last minute requests are unprofessional and unacceptable.
    • Your personal statement/essay should be personalized, passionate, and free of grammatical and syntactic errors. Read the instructions carefully. You may or may not have limitations. Some scholarships may or may not have prompts. Proofread a printed copy of your essay and the application. Ask two professionals to kindly proofread it and recommend improvements. You can visit the Learning Assistance Center to work with an English tutor.
    • If a resume is required, allow ample time to create one and have it reviewed. You can make an appointment with the Career Development Center to see a Career Advisor to proofread your resume. Remember, a job resume is different from a scholarship resume.
    • If proof of financial need is required, read carefully their request. Some scholarships may ask for a Student Aid Report or a memo from the Office of Student Financial Aid. If you have questions about the proof of financial need, contact the scholarship grantor for additional details.

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