D.R.E.A.Mers and Allies

The D.R.E.A.Mers and Allies Club was founded in the fall 2014 semester by four Latino CSU student leaders with the purpose to educate students, staff, and faculty about the DREAM Act, to advocate at CSU for the DREAM Act and to assist D.R.E.A.Mer students to identify resources that will assist them to complete their degree and successfully progress in their careers. Most importantly, they are here to welcome, support, encourage and advocate for other D.R.E.A.Mers. The D.R.E.A.Mers and Allies Club has been successful by organizing the first D.R.E.A.M. Zone Training at CSU, sharing their stories and mentoring high school students during the first Spring D.R.E.A.Mers Conference at CSU, and leading all fundraising efforts to award the Monarch Butterfly Scholarship for the first time in the spring 2016 semester.

Contact Information

Email: dreamersandallies@csu.edu


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