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Space Reservation Form

Application Information:

Please insert your specific contact information as requested on the form.
*NOTE: The funding account information is required. If there are any expenses associated with the staffing, set-up, or support of your event your specific department/ organization will be billed. This includes Trade support i.e. electricians, building service workers, A/V, and/or student worker support used to set-up or staff your event.

Event/ Activity Information:

Please provide the specific details of your meeting/ event/ activity.
NOTE: All events are not appropriate for inclusion on the University Web Calendar. Web Calendar requests are subject to approval of the OME.

Space Requested & Space Set-up Arrangements:

Please describe the meeting/ event set-up requirements. You may attach an illustration of the layout/ floor plan to your space reservation.

Please indicate the time that you will require access to the facility for load-in/ set-up. Please also advise when you would the doors open to the event attendees

Additional Services:

Please indicate all of your event support requirements. The OME Event Manager will consult with you as needed. However, please note that you must submit proper work orders to the appropriate departments for A/V, catering, and telecommunications support.

All requests for space must have the appropriate approvals of the Advisor/ Fiscal Officer of the funding account. (See Application Information above)


All requests for space must have appropriate approval by the fiscal officer of the funding account. The requester should ensure the space reservation form is approved by their designated approver.

NOTE: When you hit the submit button at the bottom of the page the reservation form will launch to Outlook. The OME email address will appear as the "to address". If you are not the final approver for your department or organization please replace the OME email address with the address of your approver. Forward the form via email to your approver. The approver will add their electronic signature, & then send the form to the OME by hitting the submit button at the bottom of the form.

If electronic submission is not possible the form may be submitted via fax to the OME on 773-821-2721.

Please fill out this form and return via email: Space Reservation Form

General Rules and Regulations