Chicago State University

Commencement Day Instructions

364th Commencement
Thursday, May 9th, 2019
Processional Begins Promptly at 10:45 a.m.
Chicago State University
Emil and Patricia A. Jones Convocation Center

Graduate Check In

To ensure that you have sufficient time to check-in and line up with your College all Graduates should arrive at 9:30 a.m. Please be prepared to provide your name, College, and Major. This information will be critical to ensuring that your check-in experience goes quickly and smoothly. 

Once you have checked in you will be directed to the lower level of the arena. In this area you will locate your College staging area. The staging areas will be indicated by signage, and by following the direction of the Faculty Marshals. Faculty Marshals will be wearing gold stoles with the CSU Seal.  

All graduates are expected to attend the entire Commencement Ceremony and to participate in both the processional and recessional. All graduates shall remain seated for the entire ceremony. Our Faculty Marshals will strictly enforce this expectation. 

Cap and Gown

Commencement Countdown is the designated time to secure your Commencement regalia. However, if you purchased your regalia online from Herff Jones, but did not pick up it up during Commencement Countdown you may bring your student ID card to the CSU Cashier office to pick up your regalia until May 7th, 2019.  After this date you will not have another opportunity to secure your regalia until Commencement Day. 

If you failed to order your regalia online prior to the site deadline it may be purchased at the CSU bookstore any time prior to the Ceremony. If you must purchase regalia on Commencement Day please see the Follett Bookstore kiosk located in the Convocation Center lobby. Please note that the bookstore pricing is higher than the online price. 

It is critical that you bring your cap and gown with you on Commencement Day. Any replacement regalia items must be purchased at the Follett Bookstore and will be charged based on the bookstore pricing. 

 Latin Honors

If you earned latin honor distinction (Magna Cum Laude, Summa Cum Laude, Cum Laude) at the end of the Spring 2019 semester your honor cord will be waiting for you at Commencement Countdown.  The persons working at this station will be able to verify that you are provided the correct color cord based on your honor distinction.  Please review the Commencement Bulletin for Latin Honors criteria or see your Academic Advisor.  

Lineup Cards

Lineup cards will be provided to you during Commencement Countdown. This card denotes your placement in the processional line-up. It is critical that you bring this card with you on Commencement Day. If you do not have your card you will need to secure a replacement at the Graduate check-in desk. Once you locate your College staging area please ask the Faculty Marshal if you have any questions regarding lineup.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are graduates asked to report by 9:30 am?   
Graduates are asked to arrive one hour before the line up time so that they have ample time to check-in, secure their proper position in the processional lineup, and ready themselves prior to the processional.

Where can graduates get a line-up card?
Graduates are to pick up their line-up card during the scheduled Commencement Countdown.  If you should forget to bring your lineup card with you the morning of Graduation, there will be others available at the convocation center ticket booth.  Please note that this card is used to designate your placement in the processional lineup and you will need to secure a replacement at the Graduate check-in desk. Once you locate your College staging area please ask the Faculty Marshal if you have any questions regarding lineup.

Where do graduates pick up their honors cords?
If you have earned honors distinction it is critical that you ensure that you secure your honor cord during Commencement Countdown, and bring it with you to the ceremony. There will not be replacement cords available on Commencement Day. NOTE: Please review the academic criteria as outlined in the Commencement Bulletin to determine if you will qualify for a Latin Honors Cord. 

Where do graduates line up?
Graduates should go to the lower level of the Convocation Center and look for the sign on the wall designating their college, or for the color of their college flag. The flags are being held by the Faculty Marshal(s). Faculty Marshals are designated by the ‘gold” colored stoles they are wearing. The marshals will provide further direction to the graduates throughout the ceremony. 

Where are bathroom facilities located?
Bathroom facilities are located on the south east corner and the east side of the Convocation Center lower level.  Suites 1312 and 1115 will also be opened for additional facility access.  Personal items should not be left in these spaces as they will not be secured. 

Where do graduates meet their family after the ceremony?
Family members should be advised to meet all graduates at the location designated for the Alumni Reception that will be held at the end of the ceremony. No one will be allowed to linger in the Convocation Center once the ceremony has ended.

What items are not allowed in the Convocation Center/ what amenities will be available?
The Convocation Center will be opened for guest seating at 10:00 a.m. Balloons are not allowed in the building. There will be light concession service available on Commencement Day. Follett Bookstore will be onsite to sell CSU memorabilia. The guest restrooms and the concession stands are located on the second floor of the Convocation Center.  

Who do I advise if I require special needs accommodations?
If you have special accommodation requirements we ask that you contact the Abilities Center prior to Commencement Day so that we are prepared to assist you. The Abilities Center is located in the Cordell Reed Student Union Room 190, and can be reached on (773) 995-4401. They will be onsite during Commencement Countdown and on Commencement Day.  Please note that there are a limited number of wheelchairs available on Commencement Day for our guests.  Guests will be required to provide a state ID  in order to borrow a wheelchair.  This ID will be held until the chair is returned to the Abilities station.  There is limited accessible seating available on the floor and in the arena bleachers.  Floor seating will be closed prior to the beginning of the ceremony.  It is highly recommended that guests requiring special accommodations arrive before 11:00 a.m. to allow time for seating. 

Who do I contact if I have Commencement related questions prior to the Ceremony?
Please review the Commencement Bulletin on the Commencement website