College of Pharmacy
Prerequisite Equivalents from Jackson State University

91400 John R. Lynch Street, Jackson, Mississippi 39217

Academic Advisement Coordinator: Mrs. LaDonnya Drummond 

Phone: 601-979-7009 Email:

Chicago State University Semester Hrs Required Jackson State University
English Composition I-1270
English Composition II-1280
6 English 104 and 105
General Biology
(minimum two semesters with laboratory)
8 Biology 111, 111L, 112 and 112L
(must include all systems)
3 Biology 234, 234L, 235 and 235L
General Chemistry
(minimum two semesters with laboratory)
8 Chemistry 141, 141L, 142 and 142L
Organic Chemistry
(minimum two semesters with laboratory)
8 Chemistry 241, 241L, 242 and 242L
Physics with lab
(mechanics, thermodynamics, force and motion must be included, May be non-calculus based)
3 Physics 201 and 201L
(integration and differentiation)
3 Math 231
Speech (public speaking) - 2030 3 Speech 216
(micro, macro or general)
3 Economics 211 or 212
Sociology or Psychology 3 Sociology 214 or Psychology 111
Statistics 3 Math 271
Additional Coursework
(divided among the social and behavioral sciences, humanities, fine arts, foreign language, business or computer science)
11 General Education Electives

Please note that every course from every school may not appear here. If a course does not appear for your transfer institution, check with the appropriate department to determine course-for-course equivalency

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