Public Health

Public HealthIt is a pleasure to welcome you to the Department of Public Health webpage. It is your career interests that brought you here. Therefore, whether you already have had a two-year associate degree or you are just starting out, our Bachelor of Science in Public Health (BSPH) could be the right choice for you in your journey of learning and towards advancing your career in health sciences field.

The Bachelor of Science in Public Health curricula draw heavily from a sound knowledge of liberal arts, the medical sciences, communication, health education and psychology. The curricula are a model of interdisciplinary education because it entails courses from various departments within and outside of the College of Health Sciences. The curricula permit the close interaction of students enrolled in other health science disciplines (pre-occupational therapy, nursing and health information administration), thereby enhancing the students ability to function together as members of a health care delivery team.

Graduates of the public health program are educated to enter the job market as health educators, fitness consultants, health administrators, project managers, consumer information directors, and community outreach coordinators that are trained to promote healthy lifestyles through behavior modification, physical activity, and proper nutrition to prevent chronic and infectious diseases such as, obesity, high blood pressure, cancer, HIV, or heart disease.  Our graduates are also able to serve as violence, substance abuse, and access to health care. As well, the BSPH also offer a strong base for those wishing to pursue graduate work in public health. Our faculty provides students with quality learning experiences, professional preparation and promotion of excellence in learning, application of cutting-edge technology in teaching, scholarship, integrated learning experiences, and community service.

This website provides a summary of information about our academic programs, admission process and more.  However, should you not find all the information you need, please feel free to reach us at the contact address provided below. Again, welcome to Chicago State University and the Department of Public Health.