Program Description

Master of Public Health (MPH) Degree Program

A Master of Public Health (MPH) degree program was approved for Chicago State University (CSU) on June 21, 2010 by the Illinois Board of Higher education (IBHE).

Chicago State University was approved to pursue the Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, and Health Service Management concentrations. However, the Department is currently offering the Health Promotion and Disease Prevention concentration effective Fall 2011.

The MPH program is a practice centered curriculum designed to prepare students for the health problems of the 21st century by focusing on the core functions of public health – health status assessment, environmental health quality assurance, behavior change strategies, health disparities, as well as health policy development and research. The MPH program has a value-added component that focuses on minority health and health equity.

Program Outcome

The MPH curriculum is designed to emphasize the social and behavioral scientific strategies in understanding the causality, consequences, prevention and control of diseases and untimely deaths in minority populations.

The MPH curriculum design at CSU requires 48 credits of course work divided into “public health core,” “concentration” courses and “electives”. Students will have the option of a practicum or thesis as a required capstone experience. Currently, there is one concentration offered:

Health promotion and disease prevention

The overall contents of the MPH curriculum at CSU satisfy the core public health standards prescribed by the Associations of Schools of Public Health which represents the 41 Council of Education for Public Health (CEPH). Minority health, including health disparities issues are covered in the following course offerings in the curriculum:

PUBH 5115- Behavioral, Social and Cultural Aspects of Health Disparities................. 3
PUBH 5119- Health Issues in Minority Populations.......................................................... 3
PUBH 5121- Health Services and Programming in Minority Populations...................... 3
PUBH 5132- HIV/AIDS in People of Color: Evidence-based interventions................... 3

Curriculum Outline

Concentration (a) MPH- Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

Codes Public Health Core Courses Credit Units
PUBH 5110 Fundamentals of  Public Health Practice 3
PUBH 5111 Biostatistics & Computer Applications 3
PUBH 5112 Environmental Health & Safety 3
PUBH 5113 Epidemiology 3
PUBH 5114 Principles of Health Policy & Management 3
  Concentration Courses  
PUBH 5115 Behavioral, Social & Cultural Aspects of Health Disparities 3
PUBH 5116 Community Health Risk Assessment 3
PUBH 5117 Research Methods in Health Sciences 3
PUBH 5118 Health Education & Community Advocacy 3
PUBH 5119 Health Issues in Minority Populations 3
PUBH 5120 Principles, Theories & Practice in Behavioral Change 3
PUBH 5121 Health Services and Programming in Minority Populations 3
PUBH 5132 HIV/AIDS in People of Color: Evidence-based Interventions 3
  Thesis Option
PUBH 5124 Field Practicum andThesis Proposal 3
PUBH 5125 Thesis Research and Defense 3
  Elective Courses  
PUBH 5126 Biological Basis of Public Health 3 **
PUBH 5127 Management of Health Care Organization 3
PUBH 5128 Health Program Design, Planning, and Evaluation 3
PUBH 5129 Entrepreneurship in Healthcare Delivery 3
PUBH 5130 Ethical, Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Public Health Practice 3
PUBH 5131 Health Economics & Financial Management 3
PUBH 5133 Public Health Aspect of Aging 3
PUBH 5134 Global Health 3
PUBH 5135 Health Care Informatics 3***

** PUBH 5126 – Mandatory for students whose baccalaureate degrees are not in health sciences

***PUBH 5135 - Cannot be taken for credit by health information administration graduates Total 48 Credit Hours

Summary of MPH degree Course work in HealthPromotion and Disease Prevention Credit Units
Core Courses 15
Concentration Courses 24
Elective Courses  3
Practicum  or Thesis  6

Student Handbook for Masters of Public health