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Dr. Lyons

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Welcome to the website of the HIV/AIDS Research and Policy Institute at Chicago State University. Our institute is devoted to research, policy analysis, training and capacity building to address the HIV epidemic.

The HIV/AIDS Research and Policy Institute is home to the Urban Mindfulness and Addictions Research (CUMAR) program. This five-year program is funded by a grant from the National Institute on Drug Abuse. The program seeks to understand how Mindfulness Meditation can assist in preventing relapse among recovering drug users involved in the criminal justice system.

CUMAR is structured around four studies ranging from the neurochemistry and the neuroscience of mindfulness; to meditation as a tool for substance abuse case managers as they approach their work; to meditation as a strategy for substance abusers as they seek to remain clean and sober and improve their health. CUMAR reaches across disciplines at CSU and promotes participation and cooperation among scholars from Pharmacy, Health Studies, Social Work, and Psychology. 

Our webpage will provide you with information on our research projects, research findings, and our partners, as well as other resources for researchers, practitioners, and service providers. Because our site is constantly being developed and improved, you may find some areas are under construction. Please check back often for new and updated information.

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