College of Health Sciences at Chicago State University has assorted equipment for public health genomics, Anthropometric assessment and identification of numerous microbial agents and parasitic diseases. 

The College of Health Sciences offers a minor in health sciences to students who may wish to pursue a career in the health field. Any student enrolled at Chicago State University with a defined major field of study may elect to obtain a minor in health sciences to enhance their education and employment prospects.

The minor in Health Sciences requires 21 credits which include 5 required Health Science courses: HSC 1104 (Medical Terminology), HSC 2150 (Introduction to Health Professions), HSC 2250 (Health Care Ethics), HSC/NURS 3321 (Service Learning), HSC/NURS 3375 (Health Policy & Administration), and 2 Community Health core courses HSC 2190 (Introduction to Nutrition) and HSC 2220 (Personal Health and Wellness).

The minor must be completed before graduation and student must attain a cumulative grade point average of 2.00 or better. A grade of C or better is required in all courses accepted towards the minor.

Note: There is a 1 credit hour PE co-requisite for the 2 credit hours of HSC 2220 course above.

Equivalent courses from other institutions will be considered. The Chair of the Department of Health Studies may approve substitution of required and/or elective courses. The requirement for the minor must be completed prior to graduation.

Prospective students should contact the Department of Health Studies for further information on the Minor in Health Sciences:

Department of Health Studies
Office: 773-995-2512
E-mail: healthstudies@csu.edu