Community Health Admission Requirements

 Students interested in pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Community Health must first be accepted to the university as a pre-community health major. Students should  apply  for admission to the professional courses in the Community Health Program after the completion of 72 hours of prerequisite courses which includes both general education and Health Science core courses. Applications for admission to the Community Health Program are accepted in fall and spring. Application materials must be received by March 15th for the fall semester enrollment and October 15th for the spring semester enrollment every year.

  In order to apply to the Community Health Professional Program, students must:

  1. Be admitted to the university.
  2. Complete 72 hours of prerequisite courses which includes general education and Health Science core courses.
  3. Complete and submit the Community Health Admission Application to the Department of Health Studies.
  4. Submit an essay of 500 words, typewritten, describing the factors that influenced your decision to enter the community/public health profession and your professional aspirations following completion of the program. Please type your essay on a separate sheet.
  5. Submit two completed recommendation form from ( one professional, one academic or  both academic) in sealed envelopes. Recommendations from relatives are not accepted.