Pictured from left to right is long-term adjunct faculty member, Shelley Oglesby and three previous HIA Program Directors: Dr. Barbara Price, Dr. Rachelle Stewart and Professor Adrianne Borden.


Full Time*

Cheryl P. Jackson, MA, RHIA, CCS, PTS*

HIA Program Director

Office: BHS 424

Phone: (773) 995-2593

Email: cjacks67@csu.edu

Mary Bowman, MPH, RHIA*

Full-Time Lecturer

Office: BHS 421

Phone: (773) 995-2045

Email: mbowma21@csu.edu


George R. Smith, Jr., EdD, MPH**

Assistant Professor

Department of Public Health

Phone: (773) 995-2046

Email:  gsmith33@csu.edu



Shelley Oglesby, M.Ed., RHIT, CCS-P

Office: BHS 422

Phone: (773) 995-2552

Email: sogles20@csu.edu

Tina Holder, PhD, MHS, RHIA

Office: BHS 422

Phone: (773) 995-2552

Email: tholde21@csu.edu

*Full-time Faculty and Administration in Health Information Administration (HIA).
**Full-time Faculty in Public Health and Part-time Faculty in HIA.