Chicago State University

Secondary Education

Department: Secondary & Middle School Education (K-12 & 6-12)

Chairperson: Mary Grace Bator

Faculty: Janet Halpin, College of Arts & Sciences Education Council Liaison Affiliate faculty in College of Education and College of Arts & Sciences Teaching Option Programs


Degrees Awarded through the College Of Arts & Sciences B.A. Secondary Teaching Option

B.S. Secondary Teaching Option B.S. in Music Education

Certifications Entitled through the College of Education

Type 9 (Secondary 6-12) Type 10 (K-12)

Content Designations:

K-12 Visual Arts – ART

Secondary Science (Biology) – BIO

Secondary Business Education – BE

Secondary Science (Chemistry) – CHEM

Secondary English – ENG

K-12 Foreign Language & Literature (Spanish) – FLL

Secondary Social Studies (Geography) – GEOG

Secondary Social Studies (History) – HIST

Secondary Mathematics – MATH

K-12 Music – MUS

K-12 Physical Education – PE

Secondary Science (Physics) – PHYS

Secondary Education – SECD

Secondary Technology Education – T&ED

Program information and course descriptions are available in the respective content designation areas in the College of Arts & Science sections of this catalog. The Secondary Business Education and Secondary Technology Education course descriptions are in the College of Education section of this catalog.