Chicago State University

A Message from the President

Welcome to Chicago State University!

Chicago State University (CSU) is pleased to provide the 2010-2012 Undergraduate Catalog. This University catalog is the student's first point of reference to our diverse course offerings and unique programs that are tailored to support your particular interests and career goals.

Chicago State University is the oldest independently accredited public university in Chicago and has evolved into a multipurpose university committed to meeting the needs of students from across the country. For nearly 142 years, CSU has a history of producing highly competitive and ell trained graduates who are ready to compete in the global economy. Our award winning, faculty provide knowledge gained from real world experiences.

The faculty, staff, administrators, alumni and trustees are excited about the direction in which CSU is headed. CSU is experiencing a renaissance. We feel honored and privileged to lead the charge towards a new and revitalized CSU. Chicago Slate University is committed to ensuring that every student who enters our door is embraced, engaged, educated and empowered to succeed. Chicago State University is also committed to creating an educational atmosphere that has rigor and discipline in each and every academic program.

We challenge you to visit, tour and become acquainted with the CSU Family. Allow us to assist you in charting your future and prepare you for the new millennium.

Wayne D. Watson, Ph.D. President