Chicago State University

Course Listings

Courses numbered 0900 to 0990 are developmental: 1000 to 1999 are freshman level; 2000 to 2999 are sophomore level; Courses numbered at the 3000-3999 level are junior level; and 4000-4999 are senior level courses. Courses numbered 5000-5999 are masters level courses, and courses numbered at 6000-6999 are reserved for doctoral students.

The following notations and definitions are used to describe the credit hour and the contact hours that are associated with each course.

  • Credit hours are shown by a number in parentheses, following the course title. For example, (3) is three credit hours. Three hours of credit are granted for a class meeting for a period of three 50- minute periods in one week. Where courses are offered for variable credit, the range of credit hours is shown.

  • Courses designated as activity, clinical, field, laboratory, practice, recitation, seminar or studio have additional hours of contact. These contact hours are shown after the slash mark in the course title. For example, /5 is five contact hours in one week.

  • The number of hours required for field work in education and health science courses are listed as “clock hours.” One clock hour is a full 60 minute period per semester.

Accounting (ACCT)

African American Studies (AFAM)

African Languages (AF L)

Anthropology (ANTH)

Arabic (ARAB)

Art (ART)

Bilingual Elementary Education (BIL)

Biology (BIOL)

Board of Governors (BOG)

Botany (BOT)

Business Education (BE)

Business Laboratory Honors Program (BLP)

Chemistry (CHEM)

Chinese (CHIN)

College of Arts and Sciences (CAS)

Communications, Media Arts and Theatre (CMAT)

Communications Media (CM)

Computer Science (CPTR)

Continuing Education (CE)

Criminal Justice (CJ)

Early Childhood Education (ECH)

Economics (ECON)

Education (ED)

Educational Leadership, Curriculum and Foundations (ELCF)

Elementary Education (ELED)

Engineering Studies (ENGR)

English (ENG)

Family and Consumer Science (FCS)

Finance (FIN)

Foreign Languages and Literatures (FL&L)

French (FREN)

Freshman (FRSE)

Geography (GEOG)

German (GERM)

Health and Safety (H S)

Health Information Administration (HIA)

Health, Physical Education and Recreation (HPR)

Health Sciences (H SC)

History (HIST)

Honors Program (HON)

Industrial Technology (I T)

International Studies (IS)

Information Systems (INSY)

Italian (ITAL)

Japanese ( JPN)

Library Science (LIMS)

Management (MGMT)

Marketing (MKTG)

Mathematics (MATH)

Military Science (MI S)

Music (MUS)

Music Applied (MUSA)

Music Ensemble (MUSE)

Music Major (MUSM)

Nursing (NURS)

Occupational Therapy (O T)

Pharmacy (PHARM)

Philosophy (PHIL)

Physical Education (PE)

Physical Science (PH S)

Physical Therapy (PT)

Physics (PHYS)

Physiology (PSLY)

Political Science (POL)

Psychology (PSYC)

Quantitative Business Analysis (QBA)

Reading (READ)

Recreation (REC)

Russian (RUSS)

Social Science (S SC)

Sociology (SOC)

Spanish (SPAN)

Special Education (S ED)

Study Abroad (S AB)

Technology and Education (T&ED)

Women and Gender Studies (WS)

Zoology (ZOOL)