Testimonials from two graduates of the AODA Certification Program

“I learned how important it is to help others, and the essentials of where other people come from as well as the specific of their issues.  Professionally, I learn from the program how important it was to carry myself in a professional manner, and to follow the guidelines and rules of the organization I work for.  The program means a lot and opened doors for me.  It has grounded me and taught me a lot about myself and how to think critically about life and helping others.” 

Andrea Wilson-Class of 2012


“The program meant a lot to me because it gave the tools to work in a field that I am passionate about. The program taught me all the dynamics of addiction and how it impacts individuals, emotionally, physically and socially.  The curriculum offered a variety of courses that gave me a broad perspective as well as the necessary tools to be a Chemical Dependency Counselor. The program helped me to complete successfully my Masters Studies in Community Counseling and successfully passed the CADC exam and become certified.”  

Derrick Bell-Class of 2008