School Counseling Graduate Program

The school counseling program is designed to prepare students to serve the multiple mental health or counseling needs within schools in an urban setting. Students will be given a strong preparation in clinical intervention with a specific emphasis on meeting needs of urban youth and their families. Additionally, students will learn how to develop a primary intervention program that impacts the entire school community through implementation of the American School Counseling Association (ASCA) Model. Students will also learn how to organize counseling interventions, which are integrated into the school curriculum. Prevention and early intervention will be the primary goals taught to our students.

School Track

Course Section Course Title Cr. Hrs
COUN 5600 Introduction to School Counseling 3
COUN 5640 Counseling Theories and Ethics 3
COUN 5650 Microcounseling 3
COUN 5660 Advanced Theories of Lifespan Development 3
COUN 5670 Principles and Techniques of Group Counseling 3
COUN 5710 Multicultural Issues in Counseling 3
COUN 5720 Life-style and Career Development 3
COUN 5730 Techniques of Assessment and Diagnosis 3
COUN 5740 Treatment Interventions for Urban Youth and Families 3
COUN 5746 Counseling Techniques Across the Lifespan 3
COUN 5750 Introduction to Family Systems Counseling 3
COUN 5780 Advanced School Counseling Applications 3
COUN 5790 Pre-Practicum Counseling Laboratory 3
COUN 5800 Research, Statistics and Program Evaluation 3
COUN 5810 Practice of Addictions Counseling 3
COUN 5840 Advanced Psychopathology 3
COUN 5950 Practicum (100 hrs Field Placement) 3
COUN 5990 Internship in School Counseling (600 hours in Field Placement) 6
COUN Electives  (5500 or higher level) 3
Overall Required Courses 60