Bilingual Specialization

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  • The Bilingual Specialization is designed to provide bilingual and bicultural instruction for masters level counselors who work with the underserved Latino population particularly in urban areas.
  • The Bilingual Specialization addresses the substantial counseling needs of Spanish speaking children and adults in monolingual and bilingual settings.
  • The Bilingual Specialization focuses on Hispanic/Latino socio-cultural backgrounds and specialized interventions tailored to the needs of these populations.
  • A practicum in educational or community mental health setting provides practical experience with various Hispanic/Latino groups and individuals.

Program Requirements

  • Acceptance into the Counseling Graduate Program, Clinical Health Mental Health Track or in the in the Endorsement in School Counseling Certificate Program.
  • Initial screening by the Foreign Languages and Literature Department of Chicago State University.
  • Satisfaction of the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) requirements for the Advanced Plus Level in Spanish, (Final testing for the Language requirements will be conducted by ACTFL.)
  • Completion of the SPAN 5101 Helping Hispanic Families course (with a grade of B or better),
  • Completion of practicum or internship in a school or community setting serving Latino clients.

Students interested in obtaining the Bilingual Specialization can obtain an application from the Counseling Graduate Program in Harold Washington Hall 311.

Helping Hispanic Families Course Description

The course traces the historical background of major Hispanic groups in the United States.  The psychocultural dynamics of the role of community and family in Latino/Hispanic population will be extensively examined.  The contemporary and historic status and its bi-directional impact in mainstream America will also be explored. Finally, understanding the fundamental of cultural competence relevant to the diverse Latino/Hispanic populations will be a requirement for obtaining the bilingual specialty certificate.

American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) Advanced Plus Level

The candidate must be able to satisfy the language requirements of a broad variety of everyday, school, and work situations, including discussion of concrete topics relating to particular interests and special fields of competence.  Each must possess emerging evidence of ability to support opinions, explain in detail, and hypothesize.  The Advanced-Plus speaker often shows a well-developed ability to compensate for an imperfect grasp of some forms with confident use of communicative strategies, such as paraphrasing and circumlocution.  Differentiated vocabulary and intonation are effectively used to communicate fine shades of meaning.  The Advanced-Plus speaker often shows remarkable fluency and ease of speech, but under the demands of Superior-level complex tasks, languagemay break down or prove inadequate.