Vision and Mission Statement

The Department of Music is a leader in the performing arts, providing a musical education grounded in experiential, historical, and cultural contexts. Our undergraduate programs in music, music education, gospel music, and commercial music and technology reflect the Chicago musical culture from which the department draws its strength.

The Department of Music maintains a commitment to increasing its cooperative links with the local community of musicians and music educators, while expanding its vision of a curriculum with a strong multicultural base, reflecting an increasingly diverse student body. The Department of Music, in providing fine arts education as part of a comprehensive general education, will promote the University's tradition of a strong liberal arts education.


The mission of the Department of Music is firmly rooted in the belief that music is an innate artistic expression of all humanity. The goals of the Department are accomplished through the training of music educators and the offering of general music instruction to the University at large.

The Department of Music is committed to:

  • educating a culturally and economically diverse student body, with sensitivity to the musical backgrounds of all students;
  • training music educators at the primary and secondary levels;
  • providing continuing education for teaching professionals seeking to satisfy certification requirements;
  • preparing students for music studies at the graduate level;
  • providing all undergraduates the opportunity to experience music through performance and academic study;
  • serving the community as a resource in the discipline of music;
  • forming partnerships with musical organizations in the community;
  • and enhancing the position of Chicago State University in music research and performance.