Faculty Directory

Alona Alexander

Alona Alexander – Assistant Professor

Ph.D., University of Mississippi

Office: 773-995-2120

Email: aalexa42@csu.edu

Concert Choir, Chamber Choir, Voice, Choral Methods, Music Theory

Cynthia Bridges

Cynthia Bridges – Adjunct Lecturer

M.M.A., in Music Education from Northwestern University

Office: 773-995-2155

Email: cyn-bad@att.net

Music Education

 Donn DeSanto

Donn DeSanto – Adjunct Lecturer

B.M., DePaul University

Office: 773-995-2155

Email: bassdude1@comcast.net

Double Bass, Electric Bass

Jukube Felton

Jukube Felton - Adjunct Lecturer

M.M. Ed., Governors State University

Office: 773-995-2155

Email: cooby1@sbcglobal.net

Piano, Jazz Piano, Music Appreciation

Tai Fraction

Tai Fraction - Adjunct Lecturer

M.M. Ed., Vandercook College

Office: 773-995-2155

Email: tfractionmusic@gmail.com



James Hendricks –

James Hendricks – Professor

M.M. Piano, Northern Illinois University

Office: 773-995-3811

Email: jhendric@csu.edu

Piano, Jazz Piano, Piano Accompaniment, Music Appreciation

Tyrone Hines

Tyrone Hines - Adjunct Lecturer

M.M. Vandercook College

Office: 773-995-2155

Email: HiTy20@aol.com

Brass Methods, French Horn, Trombone, Baritone, Tuba

Tremaine Love

Tremaine Love – Adjunct Lecturer

B.M. Education, Vandercook College

Office: 773-995-2155

Email: tlove@hf233.org



Anita Myles

Anita Myles – Adjunct Lecturer

M.A. Education Administration, Chicago State University

M.M. Education, Vandercook College

Office: 773-995-2155

Email: amyles21@csu.edu

String Methods


Elizabeth Norman - Sojourner

Elizabeth Norman-Sojourner - Adjunct Lecturer

M.M., DePaul University

Office: 773-995-2145

Email: liznorman1@msn.com

Voice, Diction

Felton Offard

Felton Offard – Full-time Lecturer

M.M., Northern Illinois university

Office: 773-995-2146

Email: foffard@csu.edu

Music Production Group, Guitar, Jazz and Pop Music History, Music Business, Music Technology


William Raynovich

William Raynovich – Associate Professor

D.M.A., University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign

Office: 773-995-2107

Email: wraynovi@csu.edu

Music Theory, Aural Skills, Composition, Orchestration

Mark Smith

Mark Smith – Professor

M.M., American Conservatory of Music

Office: 773-995-2231

Email: msmith23@csu.edu

Department Chair, Percussion Methods, Drumset, Steel Band

David Spencer

David Spencer - Adjunct Lecturer

M.M. Education, Roosevelt University

Office: 773-995-2155

Email: tptdbs@sbcglobal.net



Roxanne Stevenson

Roxanne Stevenson – Professor

M.S., University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign

Office: 773-995-4459

Email: rstevens@csu.edu

Concert Band, Marching Band, Music Education, Conducting, Jazz Methods, Saxophone


Natalie Szabo

Natalie Szabo – Assistant Professor

D.M., Florida State University

Office: 773-995-3567

Email: nszabo@csu.edu

Clarinet, Flute, Music History, Aural Skills, Woodwind Methods