Engineering Support Activities

Student Internship Programs Development of on-the-job learning experiences for engineering studies majors, which increase student knowledge of the demands of a career in engineering.

Tutoring Support - Please go to the Learning Assistance Center

Student Study Groups - Informal groups formed for the purpose of meaningful academic exchange between students who are taking the same courses.  Review sessions are conducted with the assistance of a tutor prior to major examinations.

Academic Advising Provided by program staff in the office of Engineering Studies.  Special attention is given to appropriate course selection to insure successful completion of the engineering studies curriculum.

Personal and Career Counseling Available to all engineering studies majors on a walk-in basis.  Major counseling problems are referred to the appropriate resource.

Dissemination of Scholarship Information A directory of funding resources is made available to all engineering studies students.   This information is researched by staff members and made available to students as the need arises.


Textbook Library A library of all textbooks used in courses in the engineering curriculum as well as resource materials are maintained.  Students are allowed to look as the textbooks inside the Office of Engineering Studies.  The library is not intended to be used in lieu of purchasing required textbooks.

Pre-College Programs Developed to increase the pipeline of students entering the program.  By exposing students to engineering as a college major early and developing special relationships, you lay the foundation for student academic success.

Faculty/Professional Mentoring Programs - Developed to give students a broader base of contact for academic and professional support.  Mentors work with students on an informal basis to answer questions, provide career counseling, and to serve as an added resource for general information.

Student Textbook Exchange Developed so that students could share textbooks as opposed to selling them back to the bookstore for a fraction of the cost paid.

Recruitment One-on-one interaction with high school seniors to communicate the benefits of attending CSU has been a departmental strategy.  Early identification of students is a necessary step in any effort to retain students.