Engineering StudentStudents are taught by full-time Ph.D. faculty and a variety of activities are designed to enhance leadership attributes and expand academic/career goals. The faculty-student ratio allows students to engage with faculty outside of the classroom and receive personal attention. To develop student interest in engineering we affiliate with several national student and professional-based organizations. Engineering Studies is committed to increasing the number of minority professionals in engineering via collegiate opportunities to study engineering at undergraduate and graduate levels.

We offer programs for:

  • CSU students pursuing engineering studies
  • Chicago area students in 6th to 12th grade


Pre-Freshman Engineering Program in Engineering and Science (PREP)

The goal of the PREP's Summer and Saturday Academies is to increase student awareness, at an early age, of the professional opportunities in engineering and to encourage them to take more mathematics and science as part of their high school course load.  Please visit the PREP Program page for more information.

Engineering Studies Program

 Are you thinking about medical school or law school?

Physics majors do really well on the MCAT or LSAT.  

Working in partnership with departments across the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) and Chicago State University (CSU), OES helps students adjust to the academic rigor and social life of college early in the matriculation process.  Beyond this, we stay vested in their successful pursuit of an engineering degree. CSU offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics with an Engineering Physics Option  (see Physics section) or click curriculum to see the course of study.

Calculus ready students in Engineering Studies follow a course of full-time study for two years that includes the math, physics, chemistry, and engineering courses needed of all engineering majors. This course of study prepares you for continued study at CSU or at an accredited engineering institution (via consortial transfer agreements).  Many students chose to remain at CSU and complete the final two years which focuses on the core courses related to a B.S. in Physics with an Engineering Physics option. 

OES Student Support

Engineering Studies students should consult with their advisor on a regular basis to make sure they are on the best path toward their desired engineering degree.  A full range of academic and professional development services support students in the engineering studies program.  Preparatory coursework is available for students who must take the necessary prerequisites to complete the required coursework.

A Pre-matriculation Summer Institute (PSI) is available to students the summer prior to their enrolling at CSU. The program consists of six weeks of progressively advanced topics in mathematics and English composition; seminars in goal setting, study skills and time management; and field trips to area engineering corporations.  The goal of the program is to aid students as they adjust to college.

Job Opportunities

Visit CSUs Job Opportunities page.

Assistant Director

Ms. Marnie Boyd

HWH 200A

(773) 995-2358