B.S. Physics, Engineering Physics Option (PHYE) Curriculum*


Math 0990 Basic Math

Math 1200 College Algebra

Math 1210 College Algebra & Trigonometry

Math 1250 Pre-Calculus

Math 1410 Calculus I

Math 1420 Calculus II

Math 2430 Calculus III

Math 2550 Differential Equations


Chem 1400 General Chemistry I

Chem 1410 General Chemistry I Lab

Chem 1450 General Chemistry II

Chem 1460 General Chemistry II Lab


Phys 2110 Physics I w/Calc (Mechanics)

Phys 2220 Physics II w/Calc (Heat and Electromagnetism)

Phys 2330 Physics III w/Calc (Optics and Modern Physics)

Computer Science

CS 1100 Intro to C++ Programming

CS 2100 ADV C++ Programming


Engr 1210 Intro to Engineering

IT 1121 Engineering Graphics/Technical Drawing

Engr 2330 Engineering Thermodynamics

Engr 2400 Engineering Economy

Engr 2430 Statics 

Engr 2500 Material Science and Engineering

Engr 2550 Dynamics 

Engineering Physics Option

Phys 2700 – Electronics I

Phys  2710 – Electronics II

Phys  3150 – Electricity & Magnetism I

Phys  3210 – Thermodynamics (or Engr 2330)

Phys  3250 – Intro to Quantum Mechanics I

Phys  or Engr 3XXX Elective

Phys  3610 Signals & Systems

Phys  4160 Electricity & Magnetism II

Phys  4850 AdvUndergrad Lab & Lec I

Phys  4905 Senior Thesis

General Education Requirements (30 credit hours):

Composition: 6 credit hours

Foreign Languages:  6 credit hours?

Humanities: 9 credit hours from at least 2 disciplines: Art, English Literature, Foreign Languages & Literatures, Music, Philosophy and Communication, Media Arts & Theatre. Must include 3 credits of Critical Thinking, 3 credits of Diversity, 3 credits of Fine Arts, and 3 credits of Interdisciplinary Studies.

Social Sciences:  9 hours from at least 2 disciplines: African American Studies, Anthropology, Criminal Justice 2245, Economics, Geography, History, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology.

Courses listed are suggested courses. Students may take other courses. Students are required to complete 2 lower division courses and 2 upper division courses (300 level or above) from both areas.

* Note: Please refer to Student Success Guide for course requirements for your intended major.  Suggested program of study.  A student's program of study may vary based on placement test results.