Points to Remember

  1. Senior Year Exit Exam: For departmental assessment purposes the Department requires undergraduate majors (political science POL) to take an Exit Exam in the final semester of their program. This exam is for assessment only and does not determine whether or not you will graduate.  See Dr. M. Perkins x 3510 for details about this exam.
  2. Assessment: For departmental assessment purposes the Department requires undergraduate majors (political science POL) to submit a copy of their written work, i.e., a course paper to be kept as part of the students= records in the department. For details see Dr. M.Salahuddin for Criminal Justice,x 3861, Dr. P. Aka for Political Science x 3815 and Dr. E. Janssen for Philosophy x 2433
  3. Repeating Classes: You may not repeat a class for a higher grade more than three (3) times.
  4. PETITIONS: Academic Petitions: While you are registered as a student at Chicago State University you may take courses at another university after you have received departmental and university approval to do so. Chicago State University will not accept courses you take at another university while you are registered at Chicago State UNLESS you submit a petition to the Registrar’s Office BEFORE you take the course. Petition forms to take classes outside of Chicago State University are available from the Registrar’s Office (Cook Administration Building).
  5. “Final 30 Hours of Course Work”: According to university regulations, a student’s last 30 hours (approximately 10 classes) of course work toward a degree must be completed at Chicago State University, not at another university.
  6. Prizes, Honors, Awards: Every year the university recognizes the following distinctions based on Grade Point Average among its graduates: Summa Cum Laude (3.95-4.0); Magna Cum Laude (3.80-3.94); Cum Laude (3.50-3.79). The Criminal Justice, Philosophy and Political Science Department also grants Honors and Merit certificates recognizing students in their third or fourth year who maintain a high grade point average in their major courses or who have served the department and the community.
  7. Graduation Applications & Deadlines: Graduating seniors should consult with their advisor to evaluate their credits before submitting an application to graduate. Application forms are available in the Registrar’s Office (Cook Administration) and must be signed by the student, the advisor and department chair.