CJPPS - Criminal Justice, Philosophy & Political Science

We’re excited you’re here!  Whether a new or returning undergraduate or graduate student, we applaud your commitment to further your education during these unprecedented times.  Know we are here to help you excel, and we are passionate about working with you to achieve your academic goals.  In the coming year, let us look forward to working together to embrace opportunities for change and advancement by: (1) exercising our civic duty to vote, (2) expanding our repertoire of transferable skills through remote learning, (3) exploring the inter-dependency of criminal justice and social justice, and (4) finding innovative and creative ways to meet, serve, transform, and learn from each other and our communities. 

We Are Here For You

We are the visionaries, strategic thinkers, advocates, attorneys, policy advisors, and transformers.  Our current diverse group of CJPPS staff and faculty members are graduates of some of the nation’s top schools including Northwestern University, Howard University, John Jay College, University of Illinois at Chicago, Indiana University and Chicago State University!  Some of our faculty members have worked with Homeland Security, the FBI, and the United Nations and bring local expertise and global experience having lived and worked in places such as Bangladesh, Nigeria, and the Caribbean. Please, I encourage you to take full advantage of opportunities to work closely with our faculty members in your remote classes, during their online office hours, scheduled virtual meetings, and through other departmental activities and events. 

Take Your Place

Take your place among the many other Chicago State University CJPPS graduates who have gone on to excel as successful social justice advocates, attorneys, US Marshals, reentry specialists, TSA agents, loss prevention managers, police and corrections officers, researchers, teachers, and administrators in government and private industry.  Our dynamic Academic Advisors will guide you through your degree program to help you make course selections each semester that keep you on the best track for graduation. Please reach out to the CJPPS office by calling (773) 995-2108 to schedule an appointment.  As a CJPPS student, we challenge you to share your ideas about innovative ways to spark positive transformation in our learning environments and in our communities as you take your place among the transformers.  Take your place!