The following activities may be of special interest to you. We will be recruiting members during the first week of classes and welcome new members throughout the year.

Chicago State University Model United Nations Conference holds a United Nations simulation on campus each fall semester for high school students in the Chicago area.  Club members help organize the conference and serve in various leadership roles while the high school  students   represent U.N. representatives.  Dr. Hannah Jones is the advisor (SCI-277, Ext. 2417).

The Political Science Club is open to all students interested in political science.  It has sponsored voter registration drives and campus forums on voting rights.  The club     frequently invites local politicians and candidates to speak on campus and helps encourage students to volunteer for campaigns.  Club members take an active role in the Model       Illinois Government Conference in Springfield, a simulation where   students   assume   the  role o f legislators, lobbyists, and judges.  Several of our members have won awards   for    their participation, and the CSU delegation won the award for best delegation in 1994. Dr.Agber Dimah is the advisor (SCI-283, Ext. 3758).

The Pre-Law Association is open to students of all majors who are interested   in  attending law school. Members take field trips to local and regional law schools and   invite speakers from the legal field to speak on campus.  It annually sponsors a Minority Law Recruitment Forum attended by representatives of 30-50 law schools specifically interested in meeting minority students.  Every spring, club members attend the Bridging the Gap Minority Law Conference at the University of Iowa.  Club members have participated in the AMTA Annual Mock Trial Competition and the moot court competition of the Model Illinois Government. Dr. Carol Leach is the advisor (SCI-311, Ext. 2445).

The History Club is open to all students who are interested in the study of history.  It invites guest speakers in the field to discuss their research and teaching strategies and encourages student attendance at national history conferences.  The club introduces      students to the writing and teaching of history as a profession and provides information on graduate study in history.  Dr. Bernard Rowan is the advisor (SCI-275, Ext. 2439).

Pi Sigma Alpha National Political Science Honors Society is open to any student who has completed ten or more hours in political science with an average of "B" in those   courses   (one course must be at the junior/senior level) and who ranks within the upper   third of his/her college class.  Dr. Bernard Rowan is the advisor (SCI-275, Ext. 2439).

The International Students Club is open to international students and all other   students    and faculty members interested in international issues.  It organizes International  Week, which brings awareness of various cultures to CSU, organizes lectures, and participates in various community activities.  Dr. Agber Dimah is the advisor (SCI-116B, Ext. 3758).

The Department presents two awards to honor outstanding students chosen by   the Philosophy Faculty, a Philosophy Honors Award and a Merit Award.  The Honors Award recognizes the exceptional senior philosophy student who completes a    philosophy   minor with a GPA  of   3.5 or higher in their philosophy coursework and a GPA of 3.0 or higher overall. The Philosophy Merit Award highlights outstanding students (up to 3 per year)   who  have taken at least 2 philosophy courses and obtained a grade of “B” or higher in each.  For more information, contact any philosophy professor at Chicago State University.

The Philosophy faculty sponsors several activities that provide students  with an opportunity to exercise their philosophical abilities including the Philosophy  “Great  Debate ” Series, the Philosophy Reading Club, and the “Philosophical Lunch” Series.  The Great Debates involve reasoned debates between two scholars who disagree on a contemporary issue of some importance.  Faculty, staff, and students are invited to attend and the  debates   are   open to the public.  For more information and a schedule of debates, contact   Professor Cronce at X4450.  The Philosophy Reading Club is open to interested students on any  major  who desire to read short selections in philosophy informally or for personal enrichment.  The choice of selected readings will remain with the student participants and   copies if readings will be available in SCI-116A approximately one week prior  to the meeting.  For more information, contact Professor Cronce at X4450.  The Philosophical Lunch Lecture Series presents a paper or scholarly presentation followed by open discussion a least once per semester on some contemporary issue.  The Philosophical Lunch Lecture Series is open to the public and all are invited. For more information, contact Professor Bradbury at X2343.