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Prospective Students in Chemistry, Physics, and Engineering Studies

Welcome to the department of Chemistry and Physics and Engineering studies! Are you considering a career in the health fields or perhaps hope to conduct research in fuel cells, solar energy, or science education, teach high school science, or simply love physics or chemistry? Our undergraduate program is an excellent preparation for medical school, pharmacy school, graduate school, and provides you the opportunity to explore your interests in the physical sciences.  We also have graduate certificate programs for students with chemistry, physics, or engineering degrees who want to pursue certification for secondary science teaching.  Prospective science education students should explore CSU Teach Science about the science education program at CSU.

Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarships are available for chemistry and physics undergraduates who are new to CSU.  Click here for more information on the S-STEM program.

Scholarship programs are available for motivated students seeking to further their careers in science.  For instance, MBRS provides support for undergraduates who plan to pursue graduate degrees. Click here for Minority Biomedical Research Support (MBRS)

The department is also very active in pre-service and in-service teacher education. The portal, CSU Teach Science, provides information on science education initiatives. Click here for "CSU Teach Science"

Student Success Stories

click for the Top Ten Reasons to Major in Chemistry at CSU

Our students share their stories about their success at CSU:

"At CSU, the individual attention allotted to students by faculty not only was one of the primary reasons I was able to graduate, but also reassured me that this is the university where I belong... I loved the personal relationships I was able to establish with the faculty. They knew my face and name and were completely approachable whenever I had a problem." Brittany Johnson- BS Chemistry Spring 12

(seen presenting at the national ACS meeting)

Brittany Johnson
   Angela Newton "The tools I learned to use at CSU, such as the 5 E lesson plan, CoRe’s, (content representation tables to reveal student misconceptions) as well as the constant feedback I received from Prof. Koziarski and Dr Jacobs during pre-service courses and Student Teaching , enabled me to become a confident teacher." Angela Newton- Chemistry Certification Spring 09 (seen in her classroom)
"We have a relatively small department, which is great for two reasons. First- and most important- the faculty and staff get to know the students very well. Second, the students have access to great collaborative research projects... So, as you move from the classroom to the research setting, the professors know your strengths and weaknesses and take this time to fill in the gaps. We’re lucky enough to have professors that take pride in connecting with students and it really shows in their passion for teaching and the ways in which they interact with students. I don’t think I would have excelled, were it not for the support of my professors along the way." Melissa Rangel- BS Physics Spring 12 (seen doing community physics outreach) Melissa Rangel