outresearchCSU is part of QuarkNet.  This program supported in part by the National Science Foundation and the DoE’s Office of High Energy Physics. It is an outreach project, designed to promote science among high school students and teachers.  Through QuarkNet our group extends our experiences to high schools in the area.During the last three years we have been mentors for Thornton South and Brooks High School for Chicago’s QuarkNet program and together with the University of Illinois at Chicago we co-manage Chicago’s QuarkNet network. Our activities have included workshops, directed research on cosmic ray experiments, and visits with high school students to CSU, Adler Planetarium and Fermi Lab. Our group has had the opportunity to share research experiences,so that the combination of QuarkNet and the ALICE research program constitutes a tool of science divulgation and recruitment into STEM disciplines.

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Science Fair Central - South

Each year faculty and CSU science majors participate in Science Fair Central- South in a program to help Chicago Area elementary, middle, and high school students prepare for the annual science fair.  The department of Chemistry and Physics has been organizing and hosting the event for over ten years and brings in students, parents and teachers from around the city to talk about possible topics, safety rules, error analysis and everything you need to know to be successful for the science fair.

Click here for more information on Science Fair Central- South and links to the city science fair and science fair resources. Many members of the department also serve as Science Fair judges at the area fair held each January at CSU.

High School Visits

The Chemistry and Physics Programs host a number of visits to the University and the Department. The Area 24/25 Science Fair Program takes place every year at Chicago State University (CSU). About 70 - 120 students from about 15 different schools in the area compete in the regional fair by presenting their science projects. While they are on campus, the Chemistry and Physics department organize an intercampus tour for the students where they visit about 10 different departments in the colleges of Arts and Sciences and Pharmacy. We take advantage of this event to introduce our campus to high school students and provide exposure to cutting edge research conducted by the CSU faculty and students. The department is happy to host groups of HS students to visit the campus, tour our new teaching labs which are among the very best in the country and visit our research labs.

Early Teaching Experiences

Chicago State University also has a collaboration with two Chicago Area Teachers through its Learning Assistant program.  During the program CSU STEM Majors work with the teachers to develop a lesson they then implement with high school students.  This collaboration has led to a number of CSU students choosing to major in physics teaching and has led to a paper published in The Physics Teacher where the authors are CSU faculty and the two collaborating teachers.