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Felicia DavenportFelicia Davenport (pictured) and Prof. Mel Sabella were appointed to the nine member Learning Assistant Alliance Leadership Council, which includes faculty and staff from colleges and universities around the country. In November, they attended 2017 International Learning Assistant Conference at the University of Colorado Boulder.  Felicia served on two panels at the conference, co-presented a session on LA Weekly Preparation, presented a poster at the conference, and met with the Alliance NSF Grant Advisory Board.


Drs. Pittman, Harton, Peters, Sabella, and Akujieze were awarded a National Science Foundation grant for their project

Connecting Physics and Engineering through a Modernization of the Advanced Laboratory Curriculum.The grant will provide $298,727.00 to implement student-centered experiments and activities that integrate physics and engineering.

(Students in the introductory physics sequence using PhET simulations.)

Dr. Sabella, Dr. Van Duzor, and physics major Felicia Davenport  received a Notable Paper award from the Physics Education Leadership Organizing Council for the 2016 Physics Education Research Conference (PERC) Proceedings. Only four of the 98 proceeding papers were awarded the title notable. The paper titled "Leveraging the expertise of the urban STEM student in developing an effective LA Program: LA and Instructor Partnerships" was recognized for its characterization of the relationships between Learning Assistants and faculty, and was cited as an important contribution to understanding the factors that promote effective LA programs.