Chemistry, Physics & Engineering Studies

The Chemistry, Physics and Engineering Studies Department offers Bachelor of Science degrees in chemistry and physics, as well as a foundational program for further study in engineering. Below is a sample of the diverse paths our graduates take after graduation: 

  • Acceleration Operator at Fermi Lab
  • HS Science Teaching in Chicago Public Schools
  • Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Rutgers University
  • Graduate School in Biomechanical Engineering at Georgia Tech
  • Scientist at STAT Analytics 
  • Dentist at Woodlawn Dental Gallery
  • Pharmacist at Chicago area hospital


Want to learn more about Engineering and attending summer camp at CSU?  Incoming 6th to 12th grade students can apply for the PREP Future Engineers Program.  Contact Marnie Boyd for more information.

In the News

  • Marnie Boyd, Assistant Director for the Engineering Studies Program,  is honoree for the 2022 National Society of Black Engineers Golden Torch Award for the Pre-College Initiative Director of the Year Category. She was honored at the NSBE National Conference in Anaheim CA.
  • Dr. Valerie Goss published a paper on ceramic nanofiber materials in the journal Physical Review Accelerators and Beams with colleagues from Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory. 
  • Dr. Archie Peters and recent physics graduate Orelle Bulgin published a paper on excitons in CsPbBr3 Halide Perovskite in The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters with colleagues at Argonne National Laboratory and Northwestern University. 
  • Dr. Valerie Goss and Dr. Archie Peters, along with collaborators at University of Chicago, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, and Harvard University were awarded a National Science Foundation grant for the Quantum Leap Challenge Institute for Quantum Sensing in Biophysics and Bioengineering.  Over 2 million dollars will be used at CSU to fund basic research and workforce development.
  • CSU students, who participate as Learning Assistants, Christopher Chaney (psychology), Andrew Stephens (computer science), Nisrein Khawaled (math), Mya Powers-Nash (chemistry) and faculty Jacquelyn Benchik-Osborne (education), Jubilee Dickson (psychology), Joni Jackson (business), Elaina Khasawneh (math), Natalie Szabo (music), Michael Wannah (education), Andrea Van Duzor (chemistry), Mel Sabella (physics) presented at the 2021 International Learning Assistant Alliance Conference on interdisciplinary education work at CSU using the Learning Assistant Model.  



Physics LA supports students in Introductory Electricity and Magnetism Course.

A physics LA supports two students in the introductory electricity and magnetism course.


Learning Assistants

The CSU Learning Assistant (LA) program is currently in biology, chemistry, engineering , computer science  mathematics, and physics.  LAs are undergraduates who facilitate learning in STEM classes.

The Department of Chemistry, Physics, and Engineering Studies offers Bachelor of Science degrees in Chemistry and Physics, as well as courses in physical science and a foundational program for further study in engineering. Our students have a chemistry (NOBCChE) and physics (Society of Physics Students) clubs. We've implemented innovations in teaching and assessment, and we maintain active research programs. Check out some of our photos, and meet our faculty and staff.

Physics students Travante Thompson and Donielle Miller

Prof. Edmundo Garcia and physics students Isaiah Morgan and Ryan Stempek pose in the ALICE cavern at CERN in Switzerland.  They were at CERN in the summer conducting research on high-energy particle physics.

Christopher Mallares

Christopher Mallares presents his research on computational chemistry.  He works with Dr. Mardis to understand the structures of molecules that can be used in solar cells.


Mentoring and Careers

Chemistry, Physics, and Engineering Studies students seeking mentoring on choosing courses, joining a research group, and careers should contact the departmental office (x2180) to be connected to a faculty member who can assist.  The department is also very active in pre-service and in-service teacher education.  For more information on careers see click on Students and Alumni.

Scholarship and stipend programs

Stipend programs are available for motivated students seeking to further their careers in science. 

For instance, the Center for STEM Education and Research (CSER) provides support for undergraduates who want to work in a research lab. Click here for more information on CSER

Applying to be a Learning Assistant is an excellent way to deepen your content knowledge and communication skills while exploring teaching.  Click here for more Learning Assistant Program.

Contact Information:

Dr. Mel Sabella, Interim Department Chair 

309 Williams Science Building 

Voice: (773) 995-2180

Fax: (773) 995-3809

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