How do I enroll at CSU in Chemistry, Physics or Engineering?
Start by calling the department office at 773-995-2180 or emailing our Chairperson: Dr. Kristy Mardis.

Are there summer programs at CSU for a pre college student interested in Science and Engineering? 
Yes! Check out the summer PREP Program, directed by Marnie Boyd!

I want to start research, where can I learn more?
Check out the department Faculty Pages to see what research is happening in the department - then contact the faculty member about learning more. 

How can I help and support my peers? 
One way is to become a Learning Assistant at CSU. Another way is to become a tutor in the Learning Assistant Center

What can I do with a degree in Chemistry? Or Physics? Or Engineering? 
There is lots you can do ... check out our Careers page, or talk to faculty in the department or the Career Development Center

How do I register for courses?
For questions like this check out the Admissions FAQs.

What is RISE Academy and who is eligible?
For questions like this check out the Rise Academy FAQs.

I would like to live on campus. Can I choose my own roommate? 
For questions like this check out the Residence Hall FAQs