Faculty & Staff

Highlighted faculty names are links to webpages. All phone numbers are (773) 995-XXXX.


Technical and Office Support

Name Office Phone Email
Ms. Jan Dryjanski SCI-309 x2180 email
Mr. Phil Somerville SCI-306 x2164 email
Ms. Debra Walls SCI-222 x2279 email


Physics and Engineering Studies Faculty 

Name Office Phone Email
Dr. Justin K. Akujieze SCI-308 x2406 email
Dr. Edmundo García Chair- on NSF rotation SCI-309 (SCI 104A) x2325 email
Dr. Austin Harton SCI- 232 x2847 (x2450) email
Dr. Archie Peters SCI-307 x3297  
Dr. Mel Sabella SCI-220C (SCI-219) x2172 email 



Name Office Phone Email
Dr. Aida Abraha  SCI-239 (SCI-296D) x2491(x2850) email
Dr. Valerie Goss  SCI-234 (SCI-295D) x3892 (x3670) email
Dr. LeRoy Jones II, Dean of College of Arts and Sciences HWH-330 x2438 email
Dr. David Kanis, Interim Associate Vice President ADM-303 x3598 email 
Dr. Kristy Mardis Acting Chair SCI-241 x2171 email
Dr. Michael N. Mimnaugh, Emeritus SCI-240   email
Dr. Rob Richter  SCI-238 (SCI-296B) x2182 (x2855) email
Dr. Felix Rivas SCI-242 x2299 (x3669) email
Dr. Warren V. Sherman, Emeritus SCI-245 x2322 email
Dr. Andrea Gay Van Duzor SCI-237 (SCI-219) x4437 email 



Name Office Phone Email
Mr. Ron Glowinski SCI-220 x3627 email
Dr. Alex Koshy SCI-236 x2510 email