Department News


  • Dr. Goss attends the White House National Quantum Initiative Centers Summit, held in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building. Dr. Goss participated in a roundtable discussion on Quantum Workforce and Outreach.Dr.Goss attends Quantum Initiative Summit
  • CSU Pre-Freshman Engineering program Scholars share their invention "Ambrosia Auto" on PBS NewsHour.
  • Drs. Goss and Peters presented at the NSF QuBBE Quantum Academy Symposium - attendees were CPS Science HS Teachers for a discussion on CSU research and teaching at the University of Chicago.
  • Dr. Van Duzor coleads workshop with colleagues from Tufts University on "Teaming up with undergraduate Learning Assistants (LAs) to foster active and inclusive chemistry learning environments" at the Biannual Conference on Chemistry Education.
  • Paul Agyebo-Gilberts joins the CSU team as laboratory manager and recruiter for the NSF QuBBE - Quantum sensing for Biophysics and Bioengineering.
  • CSU Chemistry major Adriana Benford wins the Fran Seabright Award from the Women’s Chemistry Symposium. 
  • Dr. Mardis is co-author on a manuscript with collaborators at Argonne National Lab entitled: "Electronic Structure of Molecular Cobalt Catalysts for H2 Production Revealed by Multi-frequency EPR".
  • Mya Powers-Nash, Andrea Van Duzor and Mel Sabella led a full-day virtual workshop on the Learning Assistant Model for the Commonwealth University of Pennsylvania including three institutions: Bloomsburg, Lock Haven, and Mansfield universities.  
  • The PREP Program was recognized by the NSBE Logo (National Society of Black Engineers) as the Pre-College Program of the Year!
  • Marnie Boyd, Assistant Director for the Engineering Studies Program, is the honoree for the 2022 National Society of Black Engineers Golden Torch Award for the Pre-College Initiative Director of the Year Category. She was honored at the NS
    BE National Conference in Anaheim, CA.
  • Physics Professor Edmundo Garcia and CSU Physics Major Olessen Cesalien, with colleagues from Dominican University and La Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, traveled to Mexico to map archaeological pyramid structures at the El Castillo pyramid in Mexico! 
  • Chemistry Professor, Kristy Mardis was the co-author on the published manuscript with collaborators at Argonne National Lab titled: "Electronic Structure of Molecular Cobalt Catalysts for H2 Production Revealed by Multi-frequency EPR."


  • The PREP program sponsored two teams during the 2020-21 Ten80 Education Competition season. Ten80 is a student race competition where students use 1:10 scale RC cars to learn STEM. The teams competed during the NSBE National Convention. During the match, both teams won special awards: MicroBeast won the 1
  • Engineering majors presenting design place awards; BEAST XLR8 won the 2nd place award during the NSBE Ten80 Education competition. The students competed against 25 teams.
  • Dr. Valerie Goss published a paper on ceramic nanofiber materials in the journal Physical Review Accelerators and Beams with colleagues from Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory. 
  • Dr. Archie Peters and recent physics graduate Orelle Bulgin published a paper on excitons in CsPbBr3 Halide Perovskite in The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters with colleagues at Argonne National Laboratory and Northwestern University. 
  • Dr. Valerie Goss and Dr. Archie Peters, along with collaborators at University of Chicago, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, and Harvard University were awarded a National Science Foundation grant for the Quantum Leap Challenge Institute for Quantum Sensing in Biophysics and Bioengineering.  Over 2 million dollars will be used at CSU to fund basic research and workforce development.
  • CSU students, who participate as Learning Assistants, Christopher Chaney (psychology), Andrew Stephens (computer science), Nisrein Khawaled (math), Mya Powers-Nash (chemistry) and faculty Jacquelyn Benchik-Osborne (education), Jubilee Dickson (psychology), Joni Jackson (business), Elaina Khasawneh (math), Natalie Szabo (music), Michael Wannah (education), Andrea Van Duzor (chemistry), Mel Sabella (physics) presented at the 2021 International Learning Assistant Alliance Conference on interdisciplinary education work at CSU using the Learning Assistant Model.  



Dr. Valerie Goss, Dr. Kristy Mardis, and Dr. Archie Peters participated in a 4-week intensive online course through the Gardner Institute "High-Impact Online Teaching and Learning Practices for Faculty at HBCUs"

The students in the PREP/NSBE, Jr. Program created a website about their program: A STEAM Program designed to educate, motivate and encourage pre-college students into selecting careers in engineering.

Felicia DavenportFelicia Davenport (pictured) and Prof. Mel Sabella were appointed to the nine member Learning Assistant Alliance Leadership Council, which includes faculty and staff from colleges and universities around the country. In November, they attended 2017 International Learning Assistant Conference at the University of Colorado Boulder. Felicia served on two panels at the conference, co-presented a session on LA Weekly Preparation, presented a poster at the conference, and met with the Alliance NSF Grant Advisory Board.


Drs. Pittman, Harton, Peters, Sabella, and Akujieze were awarded a National Science Foundation grant for their project Connecting Physics and Engineering through a Modernization of the Advanced Laboratory Curriculum.The grant will provide $298,727.00 to implement student-centered experiments and activities that integrate physics and engineering.

Dr. Sabella, Dr. Van Duzor, and physics major Felicia Davenport  received a Notable Paper award from the Physics Education Leadership Organizing Council for the 2016 Physics Education Research Conference (PERC) Proceedings. Only four of the 98 proceeding papers were awarded the title notable. The paper titled "Leveraging the expertise of the urban STEM student in developing an effective LA Program: LA and Instructor Partnerships" was recognized for its characterization of the relationships between Learning Assistants and faculty, and was cited as an important contribution to understanding the factors that promote effective LA programs.