Chemistry and Physics Secondary Education Assessment

The chemistry and physics secondary education programs at CSU rigorously adhere the standards in science teacher preparation outlined by the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA),Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation, edTPA, and theIllinois State Board of Higher Education.

Assessments in the secondary science education programs focus on content pedagogy, and the intersection of pedagogical content knowledge.  The following are assessed of the candidates tenure in the program.

  • Content knowledge in the discipline and in supporting science disciplines
  • Ability to plan effective lessons
  • Pedagogic skills in the classroom
  • Reflection on student learning
  • Use of safe laboratory practices
  • Reflection and growth as a practitioner in science and science education

The Department of Chemistry, Physics, and Engineering Studies works closely with the Department of Biological Sciences to ensure that the secondary science candidates, whether they are undergraduates, graduate licensure, or MAT (Masters of Arts in Teaching) students, are ready for the classroom, deeply versed in the content discipline, and understand the professional nature of science teaching. 

You can read our secondary education chemistry or physics assessment plans and curriculum maps, examine ways in which we use data to inform our program, or hear from our graduates about how CSU contributed to their success.  If you would like detailed information on our accreditation reports, which includes specifics on all of the assessments we use, please contact Dr. Andrea Gay Van Duzor.