Chemistry Assessment

The department of chemistry promotes excellence in chemistry education for undergraduate students through  the American Chemical Society (ACS) approved baccalaureate of chemistry degree.  Our program offers students a broad-based and rigorous chemistry education that provides them with the intellectual, experimental, and communication skills to participate effectively as scientific professionals.

Our formal course work provides students with an education in chemical concepts and training in laboratory practices.  Our undergraduate research programs go beyond course content and teach our students to be effective and productive scientists.  Assessment in the chemistry program focuses on the variety of skills that will allow them to become successful professionals. The following are assessed of the candidate’s tenure in the program:

  • Higher order problem solving in the chemistry subdisciplines (organic, inorganic, physical, analytic, and biochemistry)
  • Appropriate use of reference materials and scientific literature
  • Use safe practices in the laboratory
  • Ability to communicate scientific reasoning
  • Ability to operate effectively in collaborative work environments.
  • Understand the ethics of chemical practices 

The chemistry faculty members at CSU are committed to assessment of their courses to better understand their own teaching and to promote student achievement.  You can read about our assessment plan or learn about the impact our students feel that CSU has had on their success.  If you would like detailed information about our assessment activities, please contact Dr. Robert Richter.