Chicago State University

New Dual Degree Program

Chicago State University

Palmer College of Chiropratic


Beginning fall semester 2009-2010 academic year, a dual degree program leading to a Bachelor Degree in the biological sciences from Chicago State University (CSU) and a Doctor of Chiropractic from Palmer Chiropractic College (PCC) will be available to qualified students.  This dual degree program will require approximately three (3) years of attendance at Chicago State University followed by a minimum of five academic years of eight months each of attendance at PCC.  The chiropractic is arranged so a student may choose to complete the curriculum in three and one third consecutive years.  The chiropractic curriculum contains a minimum of 4,620 classroom hours of instruction, which must be completed within eight calendar years.

Students accepted in the dual degree program must receive Chicago State University credit for 116 semester hours in courses which meet the prerequisite requirements for the Doctor of Chiropractic degree at PCC and also meet all requirements for Chicago State University Bachelor Degree with the exception of courses and credits to be transferred from PCC to Chicago State University.

Students accepted into the Chicago State University/Palmer Chiropractic College dual degree must meet the prerequisite requirements for admission to Palmer Chiropractic College, maintain a minimum 2.50 cumulative grade point average in Chicago State University coursework, and receive a positive recommendation from the Director of Pre Health Professions Programs and the Chair of the Department of Biological Sciences at Chicago State University along with timely submission of all application materials to Palmer Chiropractic College.

Required Coursework at Chicago State University

First Summer Year 1

General Education Electives --------------------- 9 Credit Hours

First Year
Fall Semester Credit Spring Semester Credit
Biology 1710 (Intro to Biology 3 Zoology 2040 (Biology of Animals 3
English 1270 (Composition I) 3 English 1280 (Composition II) 3
Math 1200 (College Algebra) 3 Math 1210 (Algebra and Trigonometry) 3
Chemistry 1550
(General Chemistry I w/lab)
4 Chemistry 1560
(General Chemistry II w/lab)
Foreign Language I 3 Foreign Language II 3
Total Credit Hours 16 Total Credit Hours 16

Second Summer Year 2

Psychology 1100 --------------------------------------------------- 3 Credit Hours

General Education Electives --------------------------------- 9 Credit Hours

Second Year
Fall  Semester Credit Spring Semester Credit
Physiology 2040 (Human Physiology) 4 Zoology 2050
(Human Functional Anatomy)
Botany 2050 ( Biology of Algae, Plants & Fungi) 3 Biology 3040 (Genetics) 4
Math 1410 or 1415 (Calculus I) 4 Chemistry 2510
(Organic Chemistry II w/ lab)
Chemistry 2500(Organic Chemistry I w/lab) 4 2-General Education Electives 6
Biology 1600 (Intro to Biological Professions) 1    
Total Credit Hours 16 Total Credit Hours 18

Third Year
Fall Semester Credit Spring Semester Credit
Biology 3050 (Cell Biology) 3 Biology 4520 (Cell Biology Lab) 3
Physiology 4330 (Physiological Control Mechanisms) 4 Physiology 4035 (Homeostatic Mechanisms) 4
Physics 1510 (General Physics I) 4 Physics 1520 (General Physics II) 4
Chemistry 4320 (Biochemistry I w/lab) 4 General Education Elective 3
Total Credit Hours 15 Total Credit Hours 14
  • Students are required to complete 36 general admission hours
  • Students are required to complete a total of 116 credit hours

To graduate from Chicago State University with a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Biological Sciences, students must transfer a minimum of 4 credit hours from Palmer College of Chiropractic after one semester of matriculation.

Note: Palmer requires 1 academic year in Biology, 1 academic year of Inorganic Chemistry, 1 academic year of Organic Chemistry and 1 academic year of General Physics (With corresponding labs for the above mentioned coursework)