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Employers - Hire A Cougar!

Connecting with Chicago State University Students and Alumni

Thank you for your interest in hiring Chicago State University students and alumni. We are pleased to assist you in meeting your recruiting needs and look forward to working with you. The Career Development & Experiential Resource Center provides potential employers a number of ways to connect with our students and alumni while raising awareness of their organization, and building excitement around current opportunities.

We invite your organization to:

  • Host an employer information session for our students or alumni on campus or at your office
  • Post jobs, screen applicants, and schedule on-campus recruiting in our online job board College Central Network

  • Post internship and volunteer opportunities utilizing College Central Network
  • Engage Chicago State University students in research projects and experiential learning
  • Host case and programming competitions with students

Recruitment Opportunities

Our goal is to be more intentional, therefore, we would like to invite you to campus on your selected day to speak with your targeted audience.  We encourage you to offer flexible time frames to meet with both day and evening, school students.  If this sounds appealing to you, please email our office at to arrange your visit.  We look forward to continuing our partnership, as we make the most of everyone's time and energy.


Competency Series 

The Competency Series is based on the career readiness competencies formulated by the National Association of Colleges and Employers. We look to bring in professionals to speak on each competency and how they relate to their industry and experiences.  The CDERC is launching the power hour sessions on this platform to engage our university community on these competencies, “talk show style”. 

If you would like to be featured in our CDERC “Competency Series” Conversations please contact our office...

Industry Insights

Industry Insights give students an opportunity to hear from a panel of professionals as they discuss their career journey. This will also serve the purpose of showing what potential careers students may get into with their chosen major and what skills employers look for in college graduates.


Coming Soon...

Soon, we will be looking to connect our students with other opportunities including: Campus Takeover, Reverse Career Fair, Mentoring, Job Shadowing and Volunteering.


5 Ways to Create an Unforgettable Internship Program 

Click here for a few tips to create a meaningful experience for you interns. 


Internship Recruiting Process

  1. Job or internship description request is made. Submit your job description here
  2. CDERC will vet the information, post to online job board, and forward to Cougar Ready committee for referral 
  3. Recipient is referred to CDERC for application, preparation, etc.
  4. Student applies for opportunity
  5. Organization provides CSU/CDERC with an official offer letter
  6. CDERC Congratulates student with campus announcement
  7. CDERC requests completion of evaluation from employer
  8. CDERC requests completion of reflection from student
  9. CDERC records information


Connect with our office!

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