Mission Statement

The Department of Biological Sciences is committed to providing a rigorous curriculum to meet the needs of our diverse student population through courses, guided research and service opportunities.  We strive to prepare our students for professional careers, advanced studies and to become global citizens. Towards this end, our programs foster an environment that encourages a strong educational foundation that is supported by innovation, entrepreneurship, leadership, and community service.

In pursuing this mission, the aims of the Department are:

A. Provide Training

  • To provide our students with rigorous but flexible curriculum for timely matriculation through the program.
  • To prepare students for diverse and demanding graduate programs by providing them with current knowledge and hands-on experience with advanced technologies.
  • To provide non-majors with the skills, background, and scientific vocabulary to be informed citizens.
  • To increase diversity in the sciences by providing well-trained scientists prepared for national and global marketplace.
  • To produce science teachers with the ability to effectively communicate scientifically at all levels.

B. Provide Research Experiences and Opportunities

  • To provide robust opportunities for independent research through our facilities, studentships/internships, and collaborators at other organizations.
  • To integrate current research with teaching thoughout our curriculum and provide a supportive and focused research and training environment.
  • To train future scientists, teachers, medical practitioners, pharmacists and other professionals in the ethics of scientific inquiry.

C. Promote Leadership, Intellectual Engagement, and Community Service

  • To develop leadership skills through biological organizations and group work.
  • To foster intellectual curiosity and create lifelong learners.
  • To encourage service and involvement in the community as a part of the program to promote engagement by the community with departmental activities.