CSU Faculty Bargaining FAQs

Chicago State University greatly values the contributions of our faculty who are core to providing transformational education to our students. We are committed to ongoing good-faith negotiations with the Chicago State University chapter of the University Professionals of Illinois (CSU UPI) Local 4100, the labor union representing CSU faculty. The following FAQs will be updated regularly as negotiations evolve and to the extent we are allowed to comment under the guidance of the federal mediator.

General Questions

A: Yes. CSU has been and continues to be committed to working together in good faith with UPI Local 4100 to negotiate a fair contract that both recognizes the dedication of our faculty and ensures that we are able to continue to provide the high quality educational services that our students deserve.

A: Yes. We certainly do not want a strike to occur, and are committed to continuing good-faith negotiations. We are hopeful that we can reach a sustainable, fiscally responsible and mutually beneficial agreement with our UPI Local 4100 Chapter. This has been the goal from the beginning.

A: No. The University has bargained in good faith, but there are limits on the University's flexibility. The University cannot agree to a contract that is not financially sustainable and does not position it for long-term success.

A: Only current members of the bargaining unit represented by CSU UPI can strike. Employees in other employee groups may elect to not cross picket lines, however, the university’s normal procedures governing approved absences remain in effect. Employees covered by a collective bargaining agreement that prohibits such employees from striking or picketing are required to cross the picket line and work, or be subject to discipline, up to and including discharge.


Faculty & Staff: Pay & Benefits

A: The pay and benefits policies outlined below align with employment law.

  • Pay: Faculty who strike are not paid for the time they are on strike. Paychecks will be issued only for those employees eligible to receive pay (i.e.,  those who worked during the pay period).  
  • Benefits: Employees on strike who are absent from work for at least one full pay period will not (unless otherwise agreed) accumulate vacation, sick leave or other earned benefits.  
  • Benefit - Health Care: Striking faculty members’ health insurance will continue only if they pay all premiums, including the University-paid portion of the premium, after 30 days of non-pay status, unless the reason is disability, educational, sabbatical or military leave with pay and benefits.
  • Unemployment: Striking faculty members are not eligible for unemployment compensation.  
  • Temporary Replacement: Striking faculty members can be temporarily replaced in order for CSU to fulfill our obligation to our  students to do whatever we legally can to continue to provide core and essential services.

A: Although we are hopeful that a strike will be averted through good faith negotiations, we must prepare for the worst-case scenario. During this time, we have an obligation to students to continue working.

We are counting upon and anticipate your complete cooperation. You are advised, however, that in the event you fail to report for work without approval by your supervisor and without satisfactory justification, appropriate disciplinary action will be taken up to and including dismissal. Additionally, such disciplinary action will be taken against any employee who participates in a strike, work stoppage or slowdown in violation of law. We sincerely hope that this will not be necessary. You are further advised that striking employees will not be paid for days not worked. Further,  striking employees are not eligible for unemployment compensation.

Please do not attempt to cross a picket line if you believe that you are at risk of being attacked or injured.  If this happens, please call (773) 995-2111 to assist you and arrange for safe passage.

  • Sick time: Employees calling in sick during a strike are requested to provide proof. Please contact the Office of Human Resources for the protocols of submitting documentation.
  • Vacation or Other Paid Leave: As always, all requests for leave must be submitted in accordance with the terms of CSU HR policies and/or your collective bargaining agreement. Please work with your supervisor or manager on any leave request you may have, as requests should be consistent with the operating needs of the University to ensure coverage by your colleagues.


Guidance on Classes

A: Yes, please inform your students through the course Moodle site and email. Faculty in UPI 4100 do not have to strike and receive the same final benefits as faculty who strike.
A: Yes. Campus remains open.



Q: Who do I contact with questions?

  • Classes: Students should continue to direct questions to department chairs. 
  • Other: For any other questions, contact ask@csu.edu.