Welcome to the SuccessU Program!

The SuccessU Program is designed to provide access to CSU for students with special academic needs, to create supportive curricula and progrmas to facilitate student success, and to facilitate UC students’ transition to the larger university.

SuccessU is operated as a program that admits full-time first-year freshmen whose chances of entering the university through the traditional route may be limited.

You qualify for this remarkable program if you have the following

  • 2.0-2.74 GPA
  • 15 ACT
  • 830 SAT

The Benefits of the SuccessU Program

  • Specialized orientation, advising, and registration
  • Individualized attention by instructors and academic advisors who work in the SuccessU program
  • Freshman Seminar 1500 and 1510
  • Access to the Rise Academy program
  • Participation in our RISE (Retention Initiative for Student Engagement) Program

Rise Academy Program

  • Bridging the Gap between High School and College
  • Rise Academy is a five-week summer course for conditionally admitted incoming freshmen. In RISE Academy students will take English Composition I, which is aimed to give them an early start to college and participate in the Summer RISE Academy
  • Summer 2019 97% of Rise Academy participants passed the English course

CSU offers programs such as SuccessU to assist students in their academic needs. For additional assistance and/or questions please contact us at acadsupport@csu.edu.