Meet your CSU Enrollment Specialist

Chris HenningMy name is Christopher Henning and I serve as an Enrollment Specialist here at Chicago State University. I guide and assist students through the admissions process at CSU, as well as inform the public of our excellent programs and academia offered. I am currently an MBA student within the CSU graduate school, and I have dedicated much of my life to the pursuit of learning and the edification of others. Below are some fun facts about me!


What is your educational background?

I have an Associate of Science from Kishwaukee Community College and a B.A. in English, concentrating in Publishing Studies from Illinois State University. I am also currently a graduate student within the MBA program at Chicago State University!


What is something people would be surprised to learn about you?

I am a triplet! I am a fraternal triplet, so you won’t see any doubles of me wandering around campus.


Why Chicago State University?

Chicago State University is an excellent academic institution with a high emphasis on community, accessibility, and proven academic history. CSU has a legacy, and we invite new students to make us a part of theirs.


Best advice for college searching students?

You should make sure to consider your choice carefully and make sure that the institution you are going to has a program of study, or several, that interest you. It is okay to change your mind. Be open to what comes to you and what opportunities are available to you.


Ready to answer questions about?

I am ready to answer questions about freshman and transfer admissions requirements, popular programs of study, what cafeteria food is best and why every dog is a good dog.