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I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Community Health from Chicago State University, in addition to my military education and training.   Currently I am pursuing a Master in Social Work (MSW) Degree at Chicago State.
People are really surprised to hear that I have been serving in the military for 9 years and am still on active duty.
I originally chose Chicago State because it was affordable and welcoming and the student to teacher ratio was low, which gave me more opportunities to ask my professors for assistance. I love the fact that it was close to home and I could commute back in forth to school rather than staying on campus. I felt safe while attending classes because the Illinois State Police patrols the university on a daily basis. Since I joined the military my schooling was free, and while I could have attended other universities, I chose Chicago State because of the support the provided and their ability to make me feel at home.
The best advice I could give would be to go on as many college tours as you can and do your research on scholarship opportunities to make sure you have ample funding to cover your tuition.  Pick the college that best fits you because it will become your second home. Do not let someone pressure you into picking a college that does not benefit you and your future career.
I am ready to answer questions about admission requirements, our many programs and degrees, campus life, the Rise Academy and our prestigious Honors College.