US Agency for International Development

The TLMP programs began under President George W. Bush and have continued under the Barack Obama Administration. Both administrations recognize the importance of America’s role in lifting our neighbors up through the support of educational initiatives. USAID, our funding agent, has set an ambitious goal to move Ghana and other Sub-Saharan African countries to greater literacy and greater contributions to the world.

In the Africa Initiative Workshop held in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, Joe Kitts, Washington DC, Senior Education Advisor, Africa Bureau, USAID moderated a workshop featuring the accomplishments of the TLMP Programs funded under USAID....

"Providing culturally relevant textbooks and learning materials that are aligned with a country's curriculum, suing host country printers and/or publishers for printing and working with local communities are key tenets of the TLMP. One successful strategy for providing relevant textbooks to a diverse sub-Saharan Africa was to enlist private companies and other non-profits in the development and distribution of the learning materials."

Dr. Sarah E. Moten, Former Chief, Education Division, Africa Bureau, USAID

“….To distribute textbooks to every African child so that they can have at least one book to call their own. “


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