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Moodle Overview

Moodle LogoChicago State University uses Moodle as its Learning Management System.  Moodle allows students to download reading materials and assignments, watch class videos, post to discussion boards, take quizzes, and much more--all online.

At CSU, Moodle is managed by the Office of Online Instruction and Instructional Technology. The department ensures that it runs smoothly, and assists users - both students and faculty - with troubleshooting.  If you require further assistance with Moodle, please refer to the Faculty Support or Student Support pages, or contact the office directly to make an appointment. If you require further assistance with Moodle, contact the Office at  Our offices are located in the Library, Third Floor or complete the form at the link provided.  Click here for Moodle Assistance

Before Using Moodle

If you are unfamiliar using the internet, email, uploading and downloading, or managing computer files, you may not be ready for online learning. A simple computer basics course, however, can help you learn these skills in a relatively short amount of time. One easy way to check if you're ready is to take the Online Assessment System for Internet Students (OASIS). OASIS will help you determine your readiness for taking online courses based on your study skills and preferred learning styles.

Get Connected

Below are the minimum technology requirements to access Moodle.

  • Windows XP or later (Mac OSX 10.6 or later)
  • Intel Pentium IV ProcessorComputer and Monitor
  • 2 GB of RAM
  • DSL or Cable Modem
  • Sound card with speakers
  • Microphone (recommended)
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader (Free Download)
  • RealOne Player (Free Download)
  • CSU email account
  • Internet service provider (e.g., Comcast, WOW!, etc.)
  • Mozilla Firefox (Free Download) or Google Chrome (Free Download)
    • NOTE: Internet Explorer is NOT a recommended web browser for Moodle.

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