Chicago State University

NCAA 2012 Steering Committee

Dr. Wayne Watson President
Judge Bernetta Bush (ret.)[CO-CHAIR] Ethics Officer
Dr. Beverly M. John [CO-CHAIR] Professor, Sociology
Mr. Katey Assem Executive Director, CSU Foundation
Mr. Patrick B. Cage General Counsel
Dr. Richard Darga Interim Dean, Technology and Learning Resources
Dr. Alonzo DeCarlo Professor, Psychology
Mr. Fernando Diaz Interim Director, Latino Resource Center
Dr. Michael Ellison Assistant Dean, College of Pharmacy
Dr. Cheryl Green Dean, Freshman Year Experience
Dr. Lucy Rong He Professor, Biological Sciences, Athletic Certification Liaison
Mr. Matthew Jordan Student- Athlete, Track and Field
Ms. Anna Kent Project Instructional Coordinator, Office of Academic Support
Mr. Glenn Meeks Chief Financial Officer
Dr. Richard Milo Dean, Honors College
Ms. Loyola Moore Almuna, Former Student-Athlete, Basketball
Ms. Sonja Clayton-Pedersen Associate General Counsel, Interim Director of Intercollegiate Athletics
Dr. June Price-Shingles Professor, HPER & Chair, Board of Athletic Advisors
Dr. Byung-In Seo Professor, Advisor to Ed.D. Program
Mr. Ronnie Watson Chief, University Police
Dr. Sandra Westbrooks University Provost