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The Committees

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The NCAA defines a committee structure composed of five [5] subcommittees and one steering committee with oversight for the process. The Steering Committee is composed of all subcommittee chairpersons, campus stakeholder representatives, other NCAA-required roles such as the Faculty Athletics Representative [FAR], the Athletics Certification Liaison [ACL], the Campus Liaison and a host of others. This group is charged with oversight for the Self-Study process including but not limited to the timely and qualitatively strong submission of the final report and the general facilitation of a transparent process. Its composition ensures the consistent exchange of ideas and challenges from the many perspectives and insights of its members.

NCAA 2012 Certification Committee Meeting Schedules

Days Committee Time & Location Chairperson
Mondays Student-Athlete Well-Being 1pm – 2pm  Police Department, Rm. 107F Chief Ronnie Watson
Tuesdays Steering Committee      9am – 10 am  President’s Conference Room Co-Chairpersons: Judge. B. Bush (ret.) & Dr. B.M. John
Wednesdays Gender Equity 10am – 12 Noon CRSUB 171 Dr. June Price-Shingles & Mrs. Anna Kent
Thursdays Academic Integrity Diversity Issues 11am– 12:30pm CRSUB 1223pm – 4pm Jones Convocation Center, Rm. 1504 Dr. Cheryl Green Dr. Alonzo DeCarlo
Fridays Governance & Commitment to Rules 10am – 11am Jones Convocation Center, Rm.1504 Dr. Michael Ellison